Steve Pardue

Graphic Design – Desktop Publishing – WordPress – SEO


My name is Steve Pardue and I live in Houston, Texas. I have an Associates Degree in Visual Communication from the Art Institute of Houston.

I have spent most of my career as a graphic designer working with newspapers and magazines, so my strongest skill set is using QuarkXpress, InDesign or Photoshop for design and layout production work. I have won three first place awards for magazine design and layout in recent years.

I am experienced in layout and design work ranging from ad design, magazine layout, article illustrations, corporate identity packages including logo design, business cards, letterhead, all type of corporate documents and forms, as well as banners, internet advertising and website design.

Creative Suite 5: I began my design career using QuarkXpress and the individual software products Illustrator and Photoshop. But, when InDesign became available and the Adobe Creative Suite of programs starting with CS1, I began transitioning to The CS bundled applications including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I now have many years of experience with all three programs.

Dreamweaver: I used to love creating websites using Adobe GoLive about 10 years ago, but have since transferred that knowledge into learning Dreamweaver. I am not an expert, but I am proficient in my ability to use Dreamweaver as a way to design websites.

Microsoft Office 2011: I have been using the office suite of programs for as long as I have been using Adobe products. I am well versed in Word and proficient in my ability to use PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

HTML, CSS: I have no formal training in HTML, CSS, or PHP, but have been teaching myself HTML for years and have the ability to create clean HTML code using Sublime Text 2. I am in the process of learning HTML5 online with to receive certification in HTML5 and CSS.

WordPress: I have managed many WordPress websites. Installing themes, widgets and plug-ins and designing and styling themes, performing all functions from within the WordPress admin area for setup, SEO, social media, creating pages and post, etc.

cPanel: I have used the hosting account cPanel for all email setup functions such as add, subtract email accounts, forwarding, auto responders etc. I use the cPanel to add domains, subdomains, redirects and to create databases. I’ve used phpMyAdmin to import and export files. Host Gator has a set of SEO and marketing tools that I use. And of course there are the files themselves in the File Manager directory as well as creating backups and FTP accounts.

Analytics, SEO: I have setup Google Analytics accounts, but I am not trained in analytical evaluation. I have had an interest and done research on the subject of SEO, so I have a good understanding of the principles and have read many articles and reports concerning SEO and the many different forms of SEO to help your website rank higher. But I have no formal education of SEO techniques. Nor do I have any experience with PPC advertising.